Tuesday, 26 April 2016

26th April 2016

Mia: I haven't given Mia the attention I would've liked today; She disappeared off out straight after breakfast and I was doing college work for most of this evening. I think she felt neglected too. Poor love! :(
College: I got to college this morning and was promptly informed Kerry would do my photoshoot for my FMP at 1:30pm, which was very kind of her. :) So I was in for my graphics lesson just long enough to inform my tutor of this. The photoshoot went very well and I had a good selection of photos to choose from. So we got them into my folder on the computer and then I went back to graphics for the rest of the afternoon where I gradually narrowed down my choice of photo to use. Unfortunately, my tutor kept on telling me to explore this, that, and the other option so I left feeling like I'd accomplished a great deal but also had a great deal more to do before I was at the stage I wanted to be at today. :( So this evening I've worked on my graphics stuff until 9pm but now feel clearer in mind exactly what I want and what I have to do. :)
Life: so today the junior doctors went on all at strike for the first time ever. That alone should tell you how badly the government are treating them! I am definitely on their side in this! It was also announced that the Hillsborough 96 had been unlawfully killed. I've not lived here all that long but it's long enough to know how this travesty runs like a vein through Liverpool. So I was quite emotional even though I'm merely an onlooker. On a completely different subject, when I got home I realised another pair of boots have but the dust! I'm fast running out and I've yet to find any decent replacements that don't make me baulk at the price!
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is the verdict for the Hillsborough 96. It was long overdue but it is only the start.