Friday, 29 April 2016

29th April 2016

Mia: not really seen anything of Mia today but I think she enjoyed having a new playmate tonight :)
College: had a snotty bus driver take me to college today! He wanted to know why I'd taken his bus instead of a different one! I told him to go away (my exact words) and then took a photo of his bus and reported him. My college day was largely a productive one and I'm almost done on my FMP - a fortnight early! One of my tutors bumped into me in the library and gave me considerable praise for my work, which was very rewarding. :)
Life: I went into Liverpool this evening to meet up with Sonia. Except I must've got the wrong end of the stick as she was just going to a psychiatry film. So I sat and watched it as well. It was a very good film but I hadn't been intending to watch a film tonight. I thought we were just gonna hit the town! Anyway, afterwards we went to Damas for tea and shared a very nice mezze and a tirimisu. Then we did what I thought we were gonna do - check out Liverpool's gay scene. We started at The Lisbon and then went to Navy bar but that was completely dead so we called it a night - at 10pm! It seems Liverpool's gay scene doesn't get going until past my bedtime! :(
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is the praise I got off my tutor. It was most unexpected but lovely! :)