Saturday, 23 April 2016

23rd April 2016

Mia: we had fun and games this morning but I'm convinced the only thing she's really interested in is food! Move towards the kitchen from anywhere in the house and she meows excitedly and hurtles towards the kitchen! Then, when you don't give her any food, she looks at you confused as if to say "where's the damn food?"! She gave me a bit of a fright this evening too when I thought she was coughing up a furball but it went on for ages! In the end, she didn't cough up anything!
Life: first thing, I applied to the Writing On The Wall 10 week writing course. Then, after breakfast, I worked some more on my latest canvas. This evening I got the bus to see a one man theatre production of 'The Singular Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' by Don't Go Down Into The Cellar! Productions. I didn't know what to expect but it was very good. I most enjoyed it! :)
College: I got my contextual studies stuff up-to-date this afternoon. I have no intention of adding anything more to it now. So that just leaves me my FMP to complete. :)
One Thing: I'm choosing going to the theatre tonight. It's nice to treat myself now and again (a little too often, to be honest!). :)