Monday, 4 April 2016

4th April 2016

Mia: what is there to say about Mia that I've not said before? Absolutely nothing...
Life: this morning I had the blues again. So, once I'd had my breakfast, I did my monthly accounts. I'm £500 down on what I had last month. :( This afternoon I went and had a massage with Nina. She really helped loosen up my neck and shoulders - it was wonderful! :) After that, I caught the bus into town for my yoga lesson. She was working on the groin today - I can't open my legs more than a foot apart! At the end we were doing yoga nidra (sp?) and I was breathing in the new and exhaling the old as instructed. Considering tomorrow is 3rd anniversary of John's death, it was rather emotional. Walking though town on the way to bus home though I thought that embracing the new was something I need to work on. At the bus stop, I was annoyed by 2 teenagers intent on pissing people off! Smoking drugs - not even nice smelling drugs! - and rocking the seat! I stank of whatever the fuck it was they were smoking and have had to stick all my clothes in the wash and have a shower! Plus I also have a headache!
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is my massage with Nina. It fair did the trick! Pity those teenagers then had to go and ruin my evening afterwards! :(