Monday, 25 April 2016

25th April 2016

Mia: Mia has been in a cuddly mood today. It was rather lovely :) What wasn't lovely was her clawing at my bedroom door, pulling strips out of it! A few more days of that and she'll have made her own handle!
Life: I went and did the food shopping this morning. Being veggie is certainly proving cheaper than being a carnivore so far! :) this evening I went to yoga. I dunno whether it was cos I missed it last week but tonight was hard! I really got angry with myself - which is not the idea at all! Coming back I got caught in a hail storm. It was crazy weather! On the bright side, my gutters aren't dripping. So it looks like that was money well spent! :)
College: I got my graphics sketchbook up-to-date today. Didn't take more than half an hour. :)
One Thing: I'm choosing cuddles with Mia. Cuddles with Mia makes any day special! :)
Only 8 months to Christmas now...