Tuesday, 10 November 2015

10th November 2015

Love: Mia and I still aren't on speaking terms. She just comes to me for food and then keeps to herself. Maybe it will pass, I don't know. All I was trying to do was look after her health but how do you communicate that to a cat? :(
Life: This morning I had myself a lie in. Then I went to Liverpool library, wrote a poem and then went to see The Beatles Story on the docks. I got myself almost £5 off in student discount and the ticket is valid till Thursday so I might take myself to see the 4D experience if I get myself organised in time. The exhibition was pretty good - I particularly liked how they'd reconstructed things from Beatles history (eg the yellow submarine) to form a basis for the exhibits. It was quite imaginative in parts! :) after that, I came home and fed myself and Mia before writing another poem. So that's two to present to my teacher on Thursday now! :)
College: no college today as the tutors were on strike... but my anxiety is saying it was all a mistake and I will get bollocked tomorrow for not going in today! :(
One Thing: The one thing I'm choosing today was having a lie in. It was lovely! :)