Thursday, 19 November 2015

19th November 2015

Life: Amore arrived today for the weekend. It's good to have the company - especially when they clean the kitchen for me! :) This afternoon I went to my usual poetry class. I wasn't impressed today - she turned up 15 mins late, didn't get the class going until 30 mins after it should've started, then spent another 15 mins promoting a poetry evening she's doing next week! Today's lesson was also not much cop - she presented some war poems but what we were supposed to learn from them I have no idea! This is after all meant to be a creative writing course in poetry not a poetry appreciation class! If it happens again, I will complain and seek a refund! After class, I went to Cass Arts as I needed a few bits for college and they were having a 20% off day. Then with my newly purchased A1 sketch pad under my arm - and how I wished I had longer arms! - I popped into the library to return my books and order a new one as they didn't have it in. I then had to find where they've moved the bus stop to get home. Once I got home I went straight out again to do the food shopping! Then I came home, had tea, and settled down to watch Paddington on Amazon.
College: as I type I don't envisage going into college tomorrow as I have a stinking cold! I'm thoroughly pissed off about this as the whole reason I got my flu jab was so I wouldn't get ill and miss college! I really don't want to get behind! I stress enough as it is! :( This morning, I worked on my sketch pads to get them up to date... As much use to me as that may be now! :(
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is Amore cleaning my kitchen. It was probably a health hazard before and it was lovely to come home and find it all cleaned for me! :)