Monday, 23 November 2015

23rd November 2015

Love: this evening Mia was curled up next to me on the couch and she looked as sweet as anything. When I got Mia last year I got her as a companion. I never imagined how much I would adore her and find something like her sleeping on the couch next to me would melt my heart like it does. :)
Life: I took Amore to the station first thing. I've enjoyed her company this weekend. She'd make an ideal lodger if she ever wanted to move to Merseyside! :) This afternoon I started on wrapping my Christmas presents. I figured, with the amount of homework I usually get at college, I should use whatever quiet moments I can to sort out Christmas stuff. Ian came to look at what needs doing to the garden. The conclusion was that he's gonna come again next week and spend a couple of hours tidying it up for the winter. Considering how much time my previous gardener spent on my garden and what she charged, I really get my money's worth with Ian! :) This evening I watched Gravity. I was never bothered to see it at the cinema - despite the rave reviews it got - but I must say it was rather good. I especially loved the soundtrack by Steven Price - I'm gonna listen to that on Spotify after I've finished this. :)
College: today I worked on my Media stuff and got quite a bit done of it. I've really enjoyed how relaxed this weekend has been - it's a shame it can't be like that every weekend!
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is sorting out my Christmas presents. It was a weight off my mind! :)