Wednesday, 25 November 2015

25th November 2015

Love: these days there's nothing more lovely than Mia snuggling up with me. Her sweet nature has saved my life in so many ways and on so many days. I love her to death! :)
College: I was dreading today but, as usual, my teacher surprised me and my fears proved unfounded. Contextual Studies also proved fruitful in that I almost got my 300 word essay done. It just needs a few tweaks and then it can be submitted. After college, Patricia and I went to HobbyCraft for art materials and I then went to HomeBargains and PetsAtHome for bitsandbobs. Despite this detour, I still got home earlier than I usually do on a Wednesday! After a quick tea of couscous and falafel, I then cracked on with working on my sketchbooks but called it a night at 10pm with still loads to do! So I'm going into college tomorrow - and skipping poetry class - to do them... Or at least as much as I can!
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is the one hour just before bed when I relaxed to watch Fargo and cuddle Mia. I'm glad I'm making the effort - even on a hectic day like today - to have some  'me time'. I'm worth it. :)