Saturday, 21 November 2015

21st November 2015

Love: yesterday I had to give Mia her monthly flea treatment. She didn't half give me a filthy look afterwards! But we're friends again today and that's the main thing :)
Life: Tonight I'm wanting to press reset on my life. I would love to be able to do it all over again as the person I am now. Because I would love to do Art History (aka Contextual Studies) as my degree but I fear it is a futile dream because it's an academic course with applicants needing good A-Levels whereas I failed all my A-Levels (including Art)! Or, I imagine, at least come from an academic background and I don't have one of them either! Not to mention how much it costs - which would be the same problem for my second choice, Fine Art! Hugh Baird does neither course so, if I wanted to stay there, I would be choosing Graphic Design or Make-Up (3rd and 4th choices) as they're my two favourite lessons of the degrees Hugh Baird offers. Plus there's the fact that ACAS needs all applications in by middle of January so there really is no time to waste! And if I did go elsewhere, I would need an interview and what sort of portfolio would I be able to show them for Fine Art or Art History?!! As I say, it just makes me wish I could press the reset button! :( Anyway... today I popped into town to get some stuff for college. It was lovely to see the Christmas Market in town. Not that I'd buy any of their overpriced tatt but it does make things seem festive! :) I also bought the Christmas cake, pudding and some baklava for Christmas today. I got it for the grand total of £6.54 too! :)
College: after missing yesterday at college because of a cold, I was glad to find that no new major project has been set for the weekend. So it's just been a case of catching up. So I'm now feeling closer to surfacing again - for how long who knows! - and feel I can take this weekend relatively easy. :)
One Thing: The one thing I'm choosing is having a relatively relaxed weekend. :)