Sunday, 22 November 2015

22nd November 2015

Love: tonight I'm loving the fact that, despite my body issues, I found the confidence to pose for life drawing. It may not ever happen again but I'm glad it happened tonight and I can be an old fogey and think "ar, I remember when I was younger...". :)
Life: today, other than heArt School, I have had a lazy day... well, until I went into town in search of Christmas bags and lining paper! There were just far too many people getting in my way and I was getting more and more wound up about it! I don't think I will be venturing into town at the weekend again this year unless I really really have to! Afterwards, I met up with Hillary and Amore for tea at Bakchich before we all went to heArt School for our life drawing class which was pretty amazing! :)
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is finding the confidence to put my body confidence issues to the back of my mind for a bit and pose for life drawing. The memory of that and the whole class will be with me for a very long time! :)