Friday, 13 November 2015

13th November 2015.

Love: yay! I ended this evening with really lovely cuddles with Mia! So delightful! :)
Life: this evening I picked up my Progynova prescription from the pharmacy and some gaffa and sellotape from B&Q. I then watched BBC iPlayer as the weather howled outside. It's so cold in my bedroom that I'm sleeping in 2 layers tonight!
College: today was another friday when we didn't have our makeup lesson. It's annoying because makeup was what I thought I might specialise in next year and I just wanna get on and see how interested I really am in it! :( In fashion we started designing stuff. I quite enjoyed it. I'm interested to know whether we'd be required to actually make stuff if I specialised in it next year - I presume you would but I haven't the first clue how to make clothes! I even struggle to sew on a button without them coming off a week later! We ended the college day with photography and were given a brief rundown on how a camera works. I have no real interest in the subject though and have already ruled it out for next year. Our weekend homework is to do an A1 mixed media picture of sweets. I have a whacky idea for it but am worried it's not really professional. I don't wanna turn up on Tuesday and be told to do it all again! But, on the other hand, I do wanna express myself on this course! So it's a bit of a dolemma!
One Thing: The one thing I'm choosing today is cuddles with Mia. Her affectionate nature really does make life worth living! :)