Friday, 6 November 2015

6th November 2015

Love: the morning started with cuddles with Mia. She's such a darling (most of the time!)! I love her to death! :)
Life: this evening I have worked on 4 canvases. I find working on several at once stops you getting bogged down and creating just for the sake of creating! I love them all in their own way - especially the face I started on Saturday! You'd never guess it was a landscape to start with! :)
College: most of today was working on our Christmas card designs because the Dean wanted to see them. We even missed make-up for it which disappointed me personally but no one else seemed bothered. Sometimes you just have to go with the majority decision. The college day ended with photography. I'm working with Patricia on our project and she had an inspired idea for our storyline! I can't wait to get storyboarding it! :) When I got home from college, I did my mood board for the project and also my Fashion homework and brand design homework. I really enjoyed looking at fashion illustration! It really opened my eyes to something I thought was passé. There's a wealth of creativity in it! :)
One Thing: The one thing I'm choosing today was working on my canvases. It was a lovely way to end the evening! :)