Monday, 9 November 2015

9th November 2015

Life: this morning didn't start great. Mia woke me up at 5am and wouldn't let me go back to sleep. Then, at 8:00am, I was meant to take her to the vet for dental treatment but I just couldn't get her in her carrier! So we both ended up stressed and she was hissing at me and I ended up rescheduling the appointment. For the rest of the day, she's kept her distance. So I'm rather hoping all will be forgotten tomorrow. :( The afternoon was spent watching movies on Netflix and Amazon and tidying up my paperwork, ready for shredding a load of it.
College: I popped into college mid-morning to print off a load of stuff. I then came home again and sorted out my folders and sketchbooks. So I'm now up to date as I can be and can relax tomorrow when the tutors go on strike!
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is getting up to date with college work. For the first time in almost two months I feel I can really relax - apart from my continual anxiety - even if it is for only one day!