Sunday, 15 November 2015

15th November 2015

Love: I'm in the dog house! I accidentally shut Mia in the shed! Silly cat must've snuck in behind me when I wasn't looking! :(
Life: The workman came back yesterday morning to fix my shower screen he fitted. He found that there was a manufacturer error with it and replaced it for me. It now works perfectly! He also rang this morning to check I was still happy with it. I've had a number of workmen working on my house now and he's the first to impress me with the after-service. Usually I never hear from them again once I've paid them! Yesterday I also went to the Southport rock night with Jayne. She treated me to tea and the rock night ticket, which was lovely of her! :) it was a good night too - despite the crap sound system! And they even put a bit of effort into Midnight Madness after the previous few felt like they were just going through the motions. :) they also had a minutes silence for the victims in Paris. I bet not many discos would stop for a minutes silence! Today I have been finishing off my A1 picture of sweets. It's a huge collage but I'm really not happy with the end result. I showed it to Nikki though and she was very impressed with it, so maybe I'm just being overcritical. However, there wasn't such good news from Patricia - she's in hospital with pyelonephritis! :(
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is Nikki saying she liked my picture. I was really despondent with what I'd done but Nikki has given me some hope I haven't just wasted my weekend!