Sunday, 8 November 2015

8th November 2015

Love: yesterday I joined Wapa. I don't expect to hear anything more from it as I made it deliberately off-putting to weed out time wasters.
Life: Yesterday I met up with Sonia, Pauline, Jayne and Sarah. It was the first time the 'old gang' had met up for ages! I should really have taken a photo - especially as one of my assignments this weekend was to photograph my weekend! Afterwards, I visited the Reality (boring) and Transformation (not much better) exhibitions at the Walker Gallery. The Transformation exhibition was a collection of dresses owned by a transvestite and it did please me to see some of them labelled as "man's dress". :) Today I have done the laundry and watched Amazon whilst doing my homework. I also watched Doctor Who over breakfast. It contained one of the best speeches about war I've ever seen in a drama. Rather poignant for Remembrance Sunday, I thought. Speaking of which, I changed my Facebook avatar to a football today to represent the time the soldiers played football instead of killing each other. I don't expect anyone picked up on that though!
College: this weekend I have leisurely attacked my homework. I'm glad of the extra day off (due to strikes) as its giving me time to really get on top of things whilst also having a little bit of a social life! No doubt we'll be expected to make up time next week though! :(
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing this weekend is meeting up with the 'old gang' yesterday. It was a lovely couple of hours! :)