Friday, 13 May 2016

13th May 2016

Mia: The only thing Mia's been interested in today is food. She should know better than that by now!
College: So today was deadline day at college... Until she changed it to next week! I know why she did it but when you've cancelled plans to meet your deadline, it's a bit of a piss-take to find its suddenly moved! Anyway, I finished all my work and handed it in regardless. I just have to prepare my end of year show now.
Life: this evening I went into Liverpool for LightNight. Instead of like last year when we wandered around aimlessly and it doing my head in, this year I decamped at Central Library. The first thing I saw was a lecture on Shakespeare which made me want to go and read more of his stuff! The next thing was a presentation on LGBT and BAME history, and the third thing I saw at the library was a presentation on anime. Unfortunately, they'd arrived without a microphone so told those of us who couldn't hear to move forward. I did just that but still couldn't hear so walked out annoyed. So then I went across to St George's Hall for a play by Grin LGBTQI theatre company called I Kissed A Boy And I Liked It which was probably my favourite thing of the evening. :)
One Thing: I'm choosing LightNight tonight. It was yet another example of how fabulous Liverpool is. I really enjoyed it. :)