Thursday, 19 May 2016

18th May 2016

Mia: Mia went to bed at about 9pm. Then at 1am she came and sat on my lap as if to say "it's 1am Claire. Get to bed". :)
College: I got to college at 9am, said hello to my tutor and then spent the rest of the day - bar lunch and handing my contextual studies stuff in - painting my easel black for the end of year show. People say it looks good, so I'm hoping they're not lying. :)
Life: this evening I went to circle training. It was good and also interesting to have a mixture of men and women there but, no offense, just once in my life I'd like there not to be a ripple of stifled surprise and stifled stares when I say I'm Trans. It doesn't happen when I say I have deformed legs and feet, so it definitely shouldn't happen when I say I'm Trans. It also bugs me when people say I'm brave. They tend to mean I'm brave for being Trans or brave for being open and honest or all three and that's just loaded with so much patronage, it gets to me! :( When I got home, I did some colouring. I didn't mean to stay up until 1am but I'm sure you know what it's like when you get stuck into something!
One Thing: I'm choosing being at college today. There was much laughter and I enjoyed the company. :)