Monday, 16 May 2016

16th May 2016

Mia: just had a half hour play with Mia. It still brings me so much joy to see her galloping around and rolling on the floor. :) I also gave her mackerel for tea. As she'd been turning her nose up to sardines, I thought I'd try her on the mackerel instead as, if she didn't like it, at least I liked it and didn't need to waste it. She loved it though and gobbled it up - even if for some reason she preferred to eat it off the kitchen floor rather than the plate! There's just no understanding her sometimes! :D
Life: this afternoon I started volunteering at WHISC in Liverpool. It's only a couple of hours a week on Monday - nothing too taxing - but it helps to keep my hand in. I'm gonna help them out with their internet presence and promotional material - much the same as I did for CAW. It's work I enjoy so it should be good. I'm back working with Kirsteen from CAW too - she pretty much gave me the job, to be fair - so that's lovely too. :) This evening I picked up my duvets from the launderette and finished off my current canvas. I've also been dwelling on the big void that's going to take the place of college soon. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to face it one day - I can't keep running away from it. So it may as well be now as any other time. I don't think it'll be pleasant but I know, if I find my way out the other side, I'll emerge stronger for it and won't need to keep distracting myself from it.
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is my couple of hours at WHISC. I enjoyed it and the time zipped by! :)