Tuesday, 24 May 2016

24th May 2016

Mia: As I type, Mia has crawled under the duvet with me. Her fur feels lovely against my feet :) Earlier, however, there was a commotion and I arrived just in time to see Mia dashing in through the catflap and a giant tabby the size of a dog wandering down the back of the yard! I've told Mia that she's best avoiding it and, if it tries to bully her again, she's to come and tell me and I'll go and sort it out!
College: I contacted my tutor first thing to see if I needed to come in. She said I wasn't required until Friday but then I discovered I had a DVD to return, so I drove in. As I got in the lift to the library, another tutor caught me and said there were feedback forms to fill in. So, after I'd returned my DVD, I went and did the feedback forms.
Life: once I'd got out of college, I drove to Preston to satisfy my curiosity. I hadn't missed anything in the last three years so it didn't take long! Once I got back home, I did myself some tea and have spent the evening watching Amazon.
One Thing: I'm choosing bumping into college friends today. I'm already missing them and I'm gonna miss them even more soon! :(