Sunday, 1 May 2016

1st May 2016

Mia: another day of not seeing much of Mia. :( But we did have a brief cuddle just before tea time. It might've been emotional bribery but I appreciated it all the same. :)
Life: this morning I decided I would start going to the LGBT writing group. So, as the (optional) task for this month's meeting was to write 250 words on tension, I spent an hour doing that and then took it to the meeting. It was well received with people seemingly thinking I'd spent considerable care and attention over it! Lol! The rest of the meeting was very worthwhile and I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to next month's meeting already - the theme this time is Justice. I'm thinking of writing about a photoshoot. :) After the meeting, I had a quick walk around town in search of boots to replace the 2 pairs I've worn out this year but found nothing suitable. I also came across some market stalls outside BHS - similar to the Christmas markets (I've no idea whether it's a usual Sunday thing or just because it's a bank holiday weekend) - and one stall was selling some interesting jewelry. So I bought some earrings. :) I also made the mistake of looking at my bank balance at the cash machine. It was horrific! Thankfully my expenditure was in the hundreds last month and not the thousands but it was still horrific! :( This evening I have been listening to the new Beyoncé album whilst researching Berlin. The Beyoncé album was better than I expected but still not anything I'd rush out and buy (even if I was able to!). As for Berlin - shit, there's loads there! 2 and a half days isn't even really enough to give us a taster of it! :(
One Thing: I much enjoyed today's writing group meeting. Since I started at college, I haven't really focussed on my writing so much. I would like to change that this summer. :)