Thursday, 19 May 2016

19th May 2016

Mia: as its been a rainy day, Mia's spent the majority of it indoors. She's not daft though - given the choice of a blanket on the floor and a single bed all to herself, she naturally chooses the bed! :)
Life: this morning I caught the bus and went and got a few food bits for the weekend. This afternoon I went to collect my prescription but the silly sods hadn't even bothered to start it! Thus defeating the whole point of ordering it online four days early! Which I did because I knew they don't generally have decapeptyl in stock! And, naturally, because they hadn't started it they didn't have the decapeptyl in stock! So they kept me waiting half an hour for half a prescription! Just as well I wasn't desperate for the decapeptyl! But it's a total pain in the arse having to go back for a prescription they should've had ready and waiting for me! :( This evening I went and saw Stand Up And Spit - an evening of 'rant poetry'. It was a hit and miss affair - mostly miss. But I did enjoy a couple of the poets and it did make me feel a whole lot better about my own poetry! :)
One Thing: I'm choosing feeling good about my own poetry and being inspired by tonight's performance. It's another case of realising I do myself down too much - that instead of being run of the mill, I'm actually on a par with actual published and performing poets! :)