Saturday, 7 May 2016

6th May 2016

Mia: some days I swear all Mia wants from me is food! The only times I've seen her today is when she's hungry! But if she can wait until after 7am in future, so much the better!
College: my tutor saw me first thing to tell me my drawing sketchbook wasn't up to scratch and needed more in it! So my plans for a relaxed weekend went up in smoke within ten minutes of being in college! :( I then worked on finishing my FMP sketchbook and came home at 3:30pm because I wanted to make a start on my drawing sketchbook and my inks are at home. So, when I got home, I sprayed up my sketchbook in preparation.
Life: I went to the cinema this evening to watch the latest Captain America film. It was very enjoyable and made me want to watch the first two again. After the cinema I packed my rucksack for Berlin.
One Thing: I'm choosing going to the cinema tonight. I was in two minds whether to go as I have so much to do but I'm glad I did. :)