Tuesday, 3 May 2016

3rd May 2016

Mia: Mia seems to be drinking her milk again. She's turned her nose up at it for months - to the extent I'd stopped giving it her. But I tried again this week and, hey ho, she's decided she likes it again! I got cuddles for my effort. :)
Life: I phoned the vet this morning because they've changed my plan and I wanted some more info about what exactly I'm gonna get for my money. The receptionist was useless! Didn't know the first thing! So she put me on hold as she went to speak to the nurse and, you guessed it, cut me off in the process! I'll try again Thursday. This evening, as I wasn't feeling very hungry, I had strawberries and yogurt, cherry Danish, and jam filo parcels for tea - pure nutrition! I also finished off another canvas.
College: I had such palava with the bus to college this morning, I gave up waiting and drove in instead! When I got in, our tutor was awol so I went to the library to finish off my poster. After lunch, I went to my graphics lesson and my tutor decided my poster wasn't finished at all! So I spent the next 3 hours trying different things to improve it. I caught him just as he was about to go home to show him what I'd done and he suggested even more stuff to do with it! It's frustrating but it's better than twiddling my thumbs tomorrow and Friday!
One Thing: cuddles with Mia as usual. She just melts my heart! :)