Thursday, 5 May 2016

5th May 2016

Mia: poor Mia! Today didn't turn out quite like I planned! When I left home at 10am, I didn't intend to stay out for the next 10 hours! So I've seen very little of Mia today. :(
Life: so I went and voted this morning. As Labour were the only party that bothered to put leaflets through my door, I voted for them. Then I went to the v.e.t. to ask about the changes to the plan they're making. I will try the new treatment on Mia but if it brings her out in blisters again I will dump it double quick and cancel the plan! After that, I caught the bus to New Brighton to meet up with Helen. We got ice cream from Caffe Cream (I had peanut butter and jelly, and gingerbread - they were delicious! :) ) and had a wander along the prom. The weather was gorgeous and I very much enjoyed the company. :) After we said our goodbyes, I caught the bus home... except I dozed off and missed my stop! So decided to stick on it all the way to Liverpool as I started a writing course this evening. With a couple of hours to spare, I went to Wagamamas for tunch and then John Lewis for Euros and then the art shops in search of Liquid Pearls. I then was desperate for the toilet so dashed into Leaf and then felt I ought to at least buy myself a drink so ordered a fruit ice tea which was very brightly coloured and looked more like a cocktail! After that, I walked across town to the library for my writing course. It was a positive start but there was someone I took an instant dislike to, so we'll just have to see how patient I am.
One Thing: I'm choosing walking in the sunshine with Helen today. It was lovely weather with a lovely person. I most enjoyed it! :)