Tuesday, 17 May 2016

17th May 2016

Mia: this morning, Mia and I had a quick half hour of play before I went to college. Then, this evening, we had a ten minute cuddle after I'd given her the remainder of the mackerel for tea. However, what really melted my heart was just watching her sleep. She looks like an absolute angel when she sleeps! :)
College: I got into college early because I was bored at home. I printed off my pictures of Berlin street art and stuck them in my contextual studies sketchbook. After lunch, I went to my graphics lesson and discussed promotional materials with my tutor and agreed business cards were the best thing. So I sorted then out online but couldn't order them as I didn't want to put my card details into college computers but then forgot when I got home, so it'll have to wait another day now. I also wrote up a short description of my project for the show.
Life: this evening I have watched The Lady In The Van. It's a DVD I picked up from college today. I'd been waiting for it to come on Netflix or Amazon for ages but it never has. So I was thrilled to see it at college... and even more so when they said I could have it for a week and that it was free! :)
One Thing: I don't wanna choose Mia yet again so the one thing I'm choosing today is being in college and being with creative minded folk and seeing all the amazing work everyone's creating. I shall miss it all hugely! :(