Monday, 23 May 2016

23rd May 2016

Mia: as I type, Mia is looking at my built-in wardrobe trying to work out how to get in it. Before that she was sat licking her pussy! She is in my bedroom because I've left the door open out of curiosity to see if she tries to share my pillow again or goes next door to have a bed to herself.
Life: my parents left at 8.30 this morning. They were up early because I'd left the bedside alarm on. Oops! I went into Liverpool for lunch (a sandwich from Tesco) but also wandered around the shops. I bumped into Jen. She had her arm in a sling! Apparently she'd fallen and broken her ribs and arm! This is only a matter of months after being seriously injured in a car crash! She really isn't having much luck at the moment! After lunch, I went to WHISC for my volunteering shift. Today I did some stuff on the Facebook page. Debs and Eleni happened to pop in whilst I was there - today has been one of surprise meetings! This evening, I came home and started a new canvas.
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is how lovely people have been to me on Facebook. It's lovely to know they have my back. :)
Update: Mia managed to jump up onto my bed UNDER the duvet! She then crawled her way up to the top and crawl out before wandering down to the bottom corner where she is now resting. :)