Friday, 20 May 2016

20th May 2016

Mia: was surprised that Mia didn't do a runner when my parents arrived. She normally does a runner when strangers visit. She must obviously like them.
College: I was in college for all of half an hour today. In fact, it took longer to get to and from college than I was actually there for! However, it was deadline day, so everyone was working hard. So I kind of felt good to get out of under everyone's feet!
Life: I had a lazy afternoon and then my parents arrived just as I was about to collect the remains of my prescription. After that, I went into Liverpool to see Francesca Martinez (check her out on Google or YouTube). She was way better than I hoped! Really thought provoking and inspirational! But the venue was a rip-off! £5.20 for a bottle of cider! :( Afterwards, I didn't fancy the walk back into town, running a gauntlet of drunks. So I was glad of my bus pass to take me to Hanover Street and then the bus home. The bus home had a couple of blokes who were absolutely trollied! They must be absolute lightweights to be that drunk at only 22:35!
One Thing: I'm choosing seeing Francesca Martinez tonight. I'd love to see her again! :)