Friday, 27 May 2016

27th May 2016

Mia: Mia had Whiskers milk for lunch and then mackerel for tea. As a result, I am her best friend today and got lovely hugs for it. :)
College: today was a pretty uneventful couple of hours at college. I had to see my tutor to pick up my poster for my show and then help my course tutor sort out a short description of my work for the show. Plus get some spray mount to stick my poster to some mount board for the show. The first floor where we're going to have the show looks terrific! They've done a load of vinyl graphics all over the walls and furniture and everything! The show's gonna look amazing! :) My course tutor also told me not to bother coming in until Wednesday. So I have even more days to find something to do!
Life: after college I went into town in search of a nice summer coat with a hood. As I'd found a hoodie I liked at Christmas at Quiggins, I wanted to look there but I wanted to check out Liverpool One in case I saw something I preferred. So I looked all around Liverpool One before giving up and going to Quiggins where it took me all of 2 minutes to find a gorgeous zip-up hoodie even better than the one I got at Christmas! :) This evening I watched Amazon and looked online for something to amuse myself with this weekend. The best I could come up with was 2 exhibitions at FACT.
One Thing: the best thing that happened today was my friends at college stopping me in my tracks when I was, as they put it, "worrying about things that might not happen". I hadn't really been aware that my anxiety had got the better of me again until then. So it was great to get 'shaken up' and also recommended CBT. I will look into it.