Friday, 10 July 2015

10th July 2015

Love: I love the faith my friends have in me. They seem to think that everything will be OK and I'll emerge a stronger/better person. Their faith gives me hope this isn't all a huge mistake!
Life: today I came home at 2pm because I was bored at 'work'. It caused me to reflect that, as much as I love my job, it bores me; that I actually need to be challenged - something I've avoided as much as I can up to now. Then I did the food shopping and worked a bit more on my mask - all it needs now is red wool for the hair.
Career: reflecting that I need to be challenged in my career, I wondered what my ideal job would look like. The results surprised me: I want to work outdoors and work for myself (because no matter who I work for, their interests will always be the company before me). But, actually, this chimes with the dreamboard I created with Clare.