Sunday, 26 July 2015

25th July 2015

Love: I love Brighton. I love the fact I can walk a mile along the seafront at 10pm and not be bothered by any drinken yobs. I love the fact I can get a taxi at 1pm in the morning and find a taxi whose driver knows about Trans Pride and get all the terminology right! I love the fact I can see theatre that blows my mind and entertains my socks off - and it doesn't even have to take place in a theatre! But most of all, I love the fact that Brighton is challenging my preconceived ideas; that it has robbed me of my language to describe gender and I'm now having to delve deeper to try and understand what I mean when I say things like "manly" and "femme"; that I'm having to analyse what it is about certain types of people that makes my heart flutter and race. I really don't want to leave! If I leave, I will return back to my 'safe little world' (which, in comparison to Brighton, isn't safe at all!) and stop being challenged and thus get lazy and stop the development of my thinking. I feel, if I stay here, I can be a better person. So I really don't want to leave! But leave Monday morning, I know I must. :(
Life: Today was Trans Pride. It started for me by buying equipment for the Art lesson I was gonna give in the afternoon. Then I went up to Dorset Gardens church for the volunteers briefing before heading across the road to get an ice cream and then down to the Marlborough pub/theatre for the start of the march. As I stood and waited and people started to arrive and arrive and arrive(!), I got goosepimples! It was just so empowering to see so many Trans people all in one place at one time, ready to stand tall and make a noise! I'm so used to Trans people trying to pass unnoticed that the absolute opposite was just too fucking awesome for words! :) After the march, I did my Art lesson. I love teaching, so I was thrilled to be asked to teach at Trans Pride! I really enjoyed it and the students seemed to too and said they found it therapeutic, so I couldn't have asked for better than that! :) After the lesson, I lounged in the park watching the acts on the stage. I was really pleased that they had a mixture of music, poetry and speakers. The best thing, as it was last year, is that it really feels like a community event for the community, with no strings or attitude attached! It just made me feel so proud! Especially for my friend, Phoenix, and others of the Trans Pride committee who'd worked so hard to put these four days of Trans Pride together! At about 4pm, I arrived back at the B&B and refreshed and rested before heading out for tea. I dined at a Greek taverna just at the end of the block where the B&B is. I had seflatis (I think they were called!) and they were lovely! I wish I'd found the taverna earlier cos I would've liked to have dined there again (trying Japanese tomorrow). Then I headed for the town hall to watch the photo screening of the Trans people of Brighton and bumped into Phoenix again. Again, I found it really empowering to see Trans people being the focus of attention - beamed 12ft high on the town hall no less! - and it was really lovely to see the modesty of the 'photographees' as their photos went up! :) Afterwards, I tagged along with Phoenix and some of their friends to a club for the official Trans Pride party. I'm 42 and was feeling tired, so I wasn't really sure if it was a good idea to go clubbing but I'm so glad I did! I really enjoyed myself! And I loved the fact they mixed up the tunes with cabaret spots - and not just any old cabaret but really imaginative and daring cabaret! It truly blew my mind! :) At about 1am, I was feeling pooped, so caught a taxi home and now it is Sunday morning and I'm tired but I have just had the most awesome time! This is what Pride should do - make you glad to be alive! Long may Trans Pride continue! :)