Thursday, 2 July 2015

2nd July 2015

Love: the universe has presented me with one hell of a dilemma! If all the stars align, and Lady Lucky Duck smiles at me, and I cross all my fingers and toes and arms and legs, I could have my dream job presented to me on a plate! However, I know my body is screaming at me to "just fucking rest!". In a way, though, it's a lovely dilemma to have and far better than having no options at all!
Life: Today was Day 3 of Circle training. It was a humid night and I wasn't alone in being "wobbly". Then we all had to go out on Liverpool high street and hand flowers out to random strangers! I was screaming inside, "please don't make me do this!" but once I got out and started it was actually quite lovely! :) However, the night ended on a bad note for me when I lacked the courage to speak genuinely in the closing Circle. As I blogged yesterday, Circle doesn't really work for me if I'm not genuine. So I'm pretty annoyed with myself for blowing the opportunity tonight.
Career: see above. Plus I have three other offers on the go! But, as I say, all I want to do is rest!