Thursday, 9 July 2015

9th July 2015

Love: I love being creative! You could take everything else away from me but I'd still find happiness in being creative! :)
Life: Today is my dad's 71st birthday. How did he get so old so fast?!! I'm sure he was only 50 something like last week! Shit! I'm only 8 years away from being 50 myself!! Yikes! This afternoon I worked some more on my 2 ongoing craft projects. One is a mask, which has been surprisingly cathartic, and the other is top secret! Shh! This evening I have been trying to help Tony out with his guest list for his Hate Crime conference at the end of the month. I've spent 3 hours on it tonight and I'm only like a quarter of the way through the emails!
Career: 3 more days of paid employment to go. Then I must learn how to live doing absolutely nothing!