Tuesday, 28 July 2015

28th July 2015

Love: Been really tired today but, thankfully, I had Mia to cuddle up to and snooze with. She's such a darling! I love her to pieces! :)
Life: I took Amore back to station first thing and then I relaxed a bit before having lunch and going to my teaching session. Unfortunately, I was clearly not with it as I'd picked up the wrong bag - which I only noticed it when I arrived! So I then had to explain and apologise and they were very gracious and suggested I cancel this month's lesson. Still, I felt such an idiot and disappointed I'd let all the women down. :( After that, I went and booked my car in to have the front passenger wheel looked at AGAIN! It's the fourth time I've taken it in now! I just hope they bloody find what it is this time! :( Then I did food shopping and had tea before heading to bed again for another snooze. I then went to choir even though I was in two minds to - the snooze seemed much more appealing! But I was glad I went because we were in excellent voice tonight and Clare was back from the USA too! :)
Career: The holiday continues.