Wednesday, 1 July 2015

1st July 2015

Love: I love coming together for women's Circles. Whether it's Gather The Women or Big Love Sista, I love it! Daily life encourages you to be fake - Circles encourage you to be genuine. In fact, it doesn't really work if you're not! Of course, this means Circle isn't for everyone but I find it's actually pretty infectious - once you start being genuine, it's difficult to stop! This does not always make you friends but it is usually rewarding.
Life: Today was day 2 of Circle training. Today we had Tony come in to do a bit of Equality & Diversity training. Whilst I was at the Big Love Sista studio, I picked up one of Clare's Mama Cards. The cards are meant to help you in times of adversity, I think. So I took home the one I rejected most to evaluate why. It's The Cocoon Weaver card. The part that made me bristle most reads "I know that to be able to show up fully in the world I must take time out for myself". I don't know why I reject it so strongly as I do. It's gonna need some considerable amount of honest reflection.
Career: today, as well as my usual shift and a few hours overtime, we agreed on what we're doing for the staff development day next week. It seems we're going to go for a walk, play some sport and have a picnic. It should be fun - provided it doesn't rain! The week after, I become 'unemployed'.