Tuesday, 14 July 2015

14th July 2015

Love: I love the jewelry I was given today as a leaving present. I was presented with a necklace and a bracelet and they're both stunningly beautiful! I can't believe people have been as generous as they have!
Life: after work, I went into Liverpool and had a wander around the World Museum - one of Liverpool's fabulous museums - and had a look at the Mayan exhibition which was mind blowing! And then the aquariums, which I always enjoy; seeing the beautiful and colourful fish. Then I went to Waterstones intending just to kill some time but found myself buying 3 books from the 'Spiritual' section! As I was walking up to Damas for tea, I ruminated on the books I'd chosen, concluding "I don't really do heavy reading - I do heavy thinking!". Damas was very nice again. I couldn't resist the pastries again - spinach, onion and pine nuts tonight. Yum! :) Then it was over to choir for another thoroughly enjoyable 90 mins of song and laughter! :)
Career: So today was my last paid day of employment. It was weird having everyone make a fuss of me leaving. As I kept telling them, I'm back again tomorrow morning! It's nice to feel that I'm valued though. :)