Monday, 20 July 2015

20th July 2015

Love: Sometimes love is doing something you don't want to do; something that perhaps the object of your affection doesn't want you to do but you do it anyway... because it's the right thing to do and you love them. It was never harder than when, 3 days before he died, I accepted I had to stop fighting for John to live. Giving Mia her flea treatment like tonight is easy in comparison but still unpleasant for the both of us.
Life: Having last night come to the conclusion that being an 'unpaid worker' for the rest of my life was financially impossible, I decided to spend today looking at my budget and seeing where I could make savings. With the help of a few price comparison websites, I think I've managed to save myself a bundle! I also did some totting up and realised I had £350 a month for spending money. Provided I stick to my plan to live as frugally as possible that should be manageable - even though I know it won't realistically happen until September when 'Pride Season' is over.
Career: This morning was another morning volunteering at CAW. It feels peculiar to surf Facebook for a job but that is basically what I'm doing at the moment. It's tough work but someone has to do it! :)