Sunday, 26 July 2015

26th July 2015

Love: I'm missing Mia. I caught myself gazing fondly at her photos just now. Ah well, we will be back in each other's company tomorrow :) xx
Life: Today started with a visit to the pavilion and art gallery/museum. I wasn't impressed that the art gallery/museum charged non-Brightonians entry. I thought art galleries/museums had to be free to the public these days? But, anyway, I paid up and had a look around. It was rather hit and miss and there are far better art galleries/museums imho but it killed an hour or two. I then went to Pompoko (a Japanese restaurant) for Sunday lunch before heading over to the Marlborough pub/theatre for a bit. Whilst there I was hit with inspiration for my next craft project - my Liverpool Pride costume - so I wandered up St James Street to look for bits for it (more luggage to take home!). I only have a week to make it too! I then wandered over to Benny's flat but it was raining, so I was soaked by the time I arrived. He kindly offered to dry my coat though so that was much appreciated. I also met up with Benny's boyfriend, Squid, again and was introduced to their friend, Emma. It was lovely just to sit and chill for a bit. :) For tea, Benny, Squid and myself went to a Japanese restaurant for tea - I had something different than what I had for dinner. In fact, I insisted on it! Sadly, it'd got to 7:30pm by the time we'd finished tea and I had to get back and pack. So my visit to Benny was nowhere near as long as I would've liked. I said yesterday, I don't want to leave Brighton but today I'm left wanting to come back asap to meet up with Benny, Squid and Phoenix again! I'm missing them already! :(