Sunday, 19 July 2015

19th July 2015

Love: I love life. I may have to revisit my budget but, so far, life is good! :)
Life: today has been a mixture of housework and watching films - one of which was Longford, about Lord Longford and his campaigning for Myra Hindley. Watching the film, I came to the conclusion that both Hindley and Brady liked to control others. Where Brady liked to see people suffer, Hindley liked to make people think she was a good person. Unfortunately, I think Lord Longford got played. However, the film did raise one interesting point - did we punish Hindley for being a woman? Its something I've had mentioned to me in passing at Tomorrow's Women - that women get punished more harshly than men for the same crimes. I wonder, because we expect women to be "sugar and spice", that, when they're anything but, we react to that rather than in a calm headed, balanced, manner. It's my experience that this extends much further than crime - women are always viewed harshly when they don't conform to what is considered "feminine". Just look at how they satirised Thatcher in Spitting Image! (Whatever you think of her politics) And this of course forms the backbone to a lot of transphobia to Trans women too. Women may've got the vote but they sure haven't got equality yet!
Career: Not much to say on that today.