Friday, 3 July 2015

3rd July 2015

Love: I love being with my Sistas. They make life worth living. :)
Life: This afternoon I picked Amore up from the station and gave her a whistle stop your of NE Wirral - a bit more than I intended actually but never mind! Then, this evening, we had our Boudoir reunion which was really powerful, just to sit with such amazingly powerful and inspirational women and share our experiences since March. Then we went out for a meal together which was lovely. Over my gnocchi I ruminated over how life could be so much different if John hadn't died because, no mistake about it, I would not have been motivated to move to Merseyside and get involved in so much inspirational and amazingly good stuff! I wouldn't even have had counselling with Pat and sorted so much of the 40year baggage I'd been carrying around with me! It's incredible that something that felt life ending at the time has prompted me to discover this amazing, rewarding and humbling new life for myself! Wow! Just wow! :D
Career: I was in just for the morning today. Just 7 more days of employment now.