Wednesday, 22 July 2015

22nd July 2015

Love: Mia has been a little darling today. I shall miss her dearly this weekend away. :(
Life: Amore arrived this afternoon to cat sit for me. However, as the local cinema offers tickets for £5 and the meerkats are offering 2 for 1 ticket codes, I persuaded Amore to go see Ant-Man with me. It was a very good film for £2.50! Afterwards we dined at La Tosca and had tapas for tea with mango sangria, which was lovely! And then did some shopping at Morrisons before coming home. This evening I have started packing for the weekend. I've had to split it into two bags because it was too heavy for just the one! I better not buy anything whilst I'm away or I shall never manage!
Career: Long weekend now until I'm back on Tuesday.