Thursday, 23 July 2015

23rd July 2015

Love: This evening I enjoyed a double bill of imaginative theatre in aid of Trans Pride Brighton. The first half was basically an art craft TV program with a huge screen in front of the performer so you couldn't see them. It didn't all work but it was imaginative and entertaining. The second half was a performance about transition. The words were excellent and empowering/inspiring in places but the performance was more hit and miss, I felt, and the bit where they threatened to chop their fingers off with an axe almost made me bolt from the theatre!
Life: I awoke at 6am this morning to start my journey to Brighton on the train. Unfortunately, the train was delayed getting into London by 40 mins because the track had a broken rail on it so they had to use the local routes. Thankfully, I'd left 2 hours to get my connecting train and managed to get there with enough time for a sit down in a nearby cafe with a fruit and veg smoothie. I arrived in Brighton at just gone 2pm and then walked to my B&B which is quite impressive as they offer free cake! :) I then went to a nearby pub for tea and had the cracked crab special but it wasn't cooked long enough and they brushed off my complaint so I shan't be going there again! :( then I went to theatre for above mentioned performance.
Career: Who's thinking about work?!! I'm on holiday!!