Wednesday, 14 October 2015

14th October 2015

Love: I had a talk with my tutor today. It was very useful. I wouldn't say I loved it but it's the closest I'm gonna get to it today!
Life: After college I came home, fed myself and Mia and, other than college work, that was it.
College: So another day at college and one of my lecturers is doing my head in! They have totally unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved in a week - especially as my tutor said she's the one that should be giving the most homework not this blinking nutbag! - and she talks at a million words a second with ideas going off everywhere, so you never catch everything she says! So, as I said, I had a talk with my lecturer and discovered she expects us to be doing 20 hours of homework a week. With the hours we are at college, that's more than a full time job! And, unlike a job, I have to pay for it! So much for the 3 days a week I was shown on the timetable! However, on the upside, it does confirm I'm doing about the right amount of work BUT I need to be thinking of this as my full-time occupation and start treating it as such! Properly set myself a timetable to start at 9am to do a 8 hour shift on 2 days of my days off, and then a 4 hour shift on one of my remaining 2 days off! I will see how things pan out tomorrow when I get feedback on my poetry class, but that might be falling victim to this rota very soon! Otherwise, I'm only gonna be getting half a day off a week! :( On the upside, I've been told this is only up to Christmas and then things quieten down a bit for the rest of the year. So that's my goal to aim for - to last till Christmas! Also... College/UCLan haven't sorted out my enrolment yet! But, as my tutor says, they'll soon sort it out when I go to pay them next week (otherwise they won't get no money!).
One Thing: So the one thing I'm choosing today is having a chat with my tutor about college. It's clarified things for me and I may not like it or be what I was hoping for but at least I'm in the picture now (no pun intended!).