Monday, 19 October 2015

19th October 2015

Love: For me, self-love isn't about ego. It's about looking after myself so I can function better. With the way college is, it's more important to do that than ever! It's one of the best things I've learned from Big Love Sista (who I miss terribly at the moment, not being able to get involved because of college!).
Life: today was meant to be a day off college but I had stuff I wanted to do, so I went in anyway. When I got home again, I fed myself and Mia and watched Netflix.
College: I got to college about 9:30am and went to find out what was going on with my enrolment. It turned out I was due an email. So I left it and went to the library to print off a load of images and had a total nightmare! The college has a rule about bad language so I was lucky really I wasn't spoken to because I was swearing my head off under my breath! (Anyone who's seen me when IT malfunctions will know what I'm talking about!) in the end I went and got the librarian and he started swearing too, so it wasn't just me! In the end I was moved to a different computer and got it sorted but not before I'd used up valuable print credit on wasted paper! After that I looked at my email and found I'd got what I'd been waiting for and enrolled and then paid half my fees. So that's me commited (in a lunatic asylum!) until June next year! After having lunch at the college canteen, I went into Liverpool to research vintage clothes shops for my visual merchandising class and then came home. After tea, I ended the evening doing more work on my sketch pads (almost up to date with them now!).
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is giving myself a break this afternoon. I was tempted to launch straight into more work when I got home but I was firm and said "no. This is me time now". I'm glad I'm taking looking after myself seriously these days. :)