Friday, 23 October 2015

23rd October 2015

Love: I've not really had much time with Mia this week so it was lovely for her to come for a cuddle this evening. It was a lovely way to unwind. :)
Life: today I awoke to the news that my internet provider, TalkTalk, had been hacked. I now fear the worst! Their response has been pretty slow too - I only got the email this evening! It doesn't say much for a company that you hear of a security breach on the news before the company themselves! It makes me want to swap but, sadly, I'm in an 18 month contract with them! :( This evening I also joined Amazon Student Prime so have lots more videos to watch and music to listen to! It's pretty timely because my Vodafone contract expires in December and I can't afford to maintain it any more and will have to go for a cheaper option which probably won't have the same freebies.
College: my favourite lesson today was make-up where we used wax to create fake wounds. I'm enjoying make-up more than I thought - especially the theatrical stuff! Whereas fashion, which I thought'd be more my thing, I haven't really got into yet. It shows the benefit of this course where you get a taster of all sorts and can see what really suits you! Even if it is incredibly hard going! On the downside, the bus home was a disaster tonight because the connecting bus was so late it was only marginally in front of the second one on the same route! I was stood there for 40 minutes waiting for a bus that should come every 20!! Then this evening I did my photo montage inspired by Barbara Kruger for contextual studies. So, baring actually printing it out, I've done all my contextual studies homework for half-term. So that's one less thing to worry about!
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is cuddles with Mia. She may be a cat but I have to take my dose of affection where I can these days! And she's a lovely cat too! Even when she's being naughty!