Tuesday, 20 October 2015

20th October 2015

Love: Mia is still the light of my life - especially on college days when she is a real tonic to my moral! <3
College: today was a hard day for me and I have to admit my concentration did not last the full day. It started with tutorial which I used to cut out some images for tomorrow. After lunch it was our drawing lesson and we had to do a still life. My muse wasn't really with me today so I struggled with it. I also got feedback on my A1 drawing and I was praised for it but essentially told it was too woolly and needed to sharpen it up a bit. It may sound naive but it made me realise that a key part of learning isn't just to do well but to have the desire to improve. We were also given a ton of homework for half term next week. After that it was graphics and we did typography and again, as naive as it sounds, I realised its not good enough to know stuff but to demonstrate that I know it. I also stayed an hour afterwards to print off more images for tomorrow and again had a nightmare with the computer! When I got home and fed myself and Mia, I then did more work on my sketch pads.
Life: this evening, I had to do Mia's flea and worming treatments and thank goodness for Dreamies! I'd tried hiding her worming pill in her food before but she sometimes managed to find it and leave it half chewed! Well, tonight I just placed it among some Dreamies in my hand and she wolfed the lot down as usual without even noticing the pill! The flea treatment was the usual game of waiting for her to come sit on my lap and do it then. It takes patience but it works.
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is doing this blog, actually, because I came to bed depressed and doing the blog has allowed me to unload and get a few of those worries out of my head where they do the most damage!