Friday, 9 October 2015

9th October 2015

Love: There's nothing like love from a cat! That moment when Mia, fickle as she is, decides she's going to grace your lap and snuggle up is just magical! It really helps unwind after a long day! :)
Life: Not much to report other than college...
College: My anxiety was already working overtime before I even got to college this morning! As I'd not had a Friday lesson before, I was adamant the make-up teacher would hate me and think me a slacker for not having caught-up and practiced what she taught the other students in my absence. As it turned out, she was lovely with an easy going manner! I even found myself having to stop myself from laughing - it tends to mess things up when applying make-up and having it applied to you! Today we were doing the 'perfect red lip' - next week we're creating zombies! :) The first lesson of the day though was fashion. This was the lesson I'd been looking forward to most since I started, having had ideas for fashion items since I was a teenager but no idea how to get those ideas onto the page, let alone something more physical! However, before the ideas come, you are meant to start with research and that was where I was at today. So I'll have to be a bit more patient yet! The last lesson of the day was photography and, as the tutor had messed up booking the cameras out, we ended up having to put a Powerpoint presentation together for a photographer of our choosing. As I only knew one - David Bailey - that's who I did. And I've just printed it out now at 11pm!
One Thing: The thing I'm choosing today is recognising my anxiety and then recognising how unrealistic it was! If I can bear that in mind in future, I'm sure I'll do a lot better!