Thursday, 8 October 2015

8th October 2015

Love: I'm trying to write a poem about John's illness. I have some phrases but that is all. This poem will need crafting.
Life: I started a poetry course at Liverpool University today. The class was full of people much older than me and the tutor, Dr Gladys Mary Cole, must be at least 70! That didn't infringe her teaching though! She delivered an interesting class and I feel I will learn a good deal. Our homework was to write a poem on the theme of Journey, hence my above comment. After the class, I made my way slowly over to the central library for the Writing On The Wall's Mental Health & Me award ceremony. I entered in two categories but didn't even get in the top three of either! However, I have the consolation of knowing the winners were better than me. Maybe next year!
College: today was a day off college. Even so, I did some research and analysis over breakfast. Then, when I got back in this evening, I did some more work on my sketchbooks. I'm hoping I won't get any more homework tomorrow!
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is writing poetry again. I've been dry for absolutely ages! And OK it's not coming together just yet but at least I'm writing something! It gives me hope my muse hasn't completely deserted me!