Saturday, 24 October 2015

24th October 2015

Love: Mia has been very subdued today. I expect it is because of her visit to the vets. As much as she disliked it, I hope she knows I did it because I love her and want her to be well.
Life: this morning I took Mia to the vet for her annual booster jab. Unfortunately, there were two undisciplined dogs in the waiting room and it must've scared Mia half to death because she was much more subdued than usual when the vet got to her. She was also given a check up and she's overweight and has an abscess on one of her teeth. So I'm gonna have to cut back on her rations and Dreamies. She was also sick this afternoon which I put down to her booster jab until I discovered cat fur around the toilet bowl! What is it with cats and drinking dirty water?!! This evening I wrote a poem for next week's class. It's called Amongst Stones. I also watched BBC iPlayer and an old Sherlock Holmes film on Amazon called The Woman In Green. They don't make them like that anymore! Thank goodness! It was basically a mash-up of several of the original stories but without any of the tension whatsoever! It was rubbish!
College: this afternoon I did my homework for graphics. I also wrote a list of all the things I have to do before the end of half-term. It's a long one!
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is speaking to the nice Irish gentleman from the fraud office who was very patient with my enquiry and gave me some good advice to protect my money. It was a pleasure to speak to him and be so reassured.