Friday, 16 October 2015

16th October 2015

Love: tonight I'm loving my tutor because she gave us the best piece of news that has taken considerable weight off my mind! :)
Life: other than college, I've fed me and Mia and watched BBC iPlayer. Now I'm very tired and ready for bed.
College: so this morning I got in an hour early to print off some images. Then I went to our fashion lesson where my mood board was approved and I had fun pulling materials apart and through things. Our tutor also told us that some of our lecturers - one name was mentioned specifically - are giving us far too much homework and that drawing communication was what we need to be focusing on rather than any one specialism. It was such a weight off my mind to hear that because, as I've said this week, the homework we were given for interior design was flipping ridiculous! So my plan is to do as I've been told - focus on drawing communication, do what I can on the other subjects and then, if I get any hassle, I can justify it and know my tutor has my back! Yay! :) The downside is we were set a mammoth piece of homework to do an A1 tonal drawing of clothes on a hanger which is a logistical challenge for a start and it took me 2 hours to do just a 5x5" tonal drawing! So I set that up (the clothes on a hanger) when I got home - which I envisage I will be spending all weekend looking at! After fashion class, we then had make up and we had fun with latex making each other look like zombies! It was a very enjoyable lesson! And we finished the afternoon with photography and had a tutorial on some simple-ish Photoshop techniques. This evening I have also tried to get my photos off my camera again which I've now ended up creating a Flickr account for.
One Thing: the one thing I'm choosing today is the piece of news I got off my tutor. It really made my day to hear that! :)